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Brand-owners KYBOE, Symons & Panchenko
Summer of 2017 (train from Basel to Genua)

2006 KYBOE !
Dick and Kees (RIP, january 2023) introduced their
concept of “the biggest most colorful quality watch ever” at Basle-world 2007. It becomes an instant and worldwide succes. 

Their creations do have a real story. This brand was, and still is, the biggest boldest and most colorful watch ever. Exposed on the the red carpet catwalk during the New York Fashion Show and still is the only Dutch brand sold in Saks Fifth Avenue stores in the US.

A watch for everyone.
2018 the new company Symons & Panchenko created and added beside the KYBOE series, the Dutch Master Series, a smaller slim serie, a roman classic serie and at least a florida serie.

2022 Besides these S&P series, the new reborn and restyled light inside KYBOE Giant55 watches with their renewed curved case and longer comfortable strap makes the collection complete.

An Art of Living. 
Telling time is optional. The unisex timepieces are big, bold, funky, stylish, colorful and eye-catching. Watches by KYBOE Symons & Panchenko are making your special moments timeless. 

The new Jewelry line called “La Tresse” is a stylish asset that fits well with the watch collections.

Symons quotes.
”It is not a cheap watch being to expensive. It is a quality watch for the right price.
KYBOE S&P watches are an expression of style and character. We create with precision to make careful crafted handmade quality Watches and Jewelry worth the memories that people create themselves. 

Our creations can be worn by either men or women, whatever the size, as we believe that style and self-expression have no boundaries. 
Just some names : Kim Wilde, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Eric Singer, Brigitte Bardot, Sean Paul….. 

Choose the moment to hide your expensive one in the safe. Hut the right color Watch and or Jewelry around your wrist, neck or finger. Because it’s always your special day, special event and very special moment.”

Slogans since 2006
It’s Time to See…
A Fashion Item That Happens to tick (H Bolt)
Bigger is Better ( Paul Vos) 
Watch before you dress.
Big is Back
Time is on your side
5 pm sharp 



Symons & Panchenko

The Hague, The Netherlands 

Showrooms (appointments only)
Bink 36 The Hague
Coster Diamonds Amsterdam

[email protected]

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